Tottenham boss reveals what he learned about Man United’s defeat at Man City

Manchester United lost 4-1 at Manchester City last Sunday and will be looking to return to winning ways when we play Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford on Saturday.

When asked what he learned about Manchester United’s defeat to Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte said: “First of all, to play against Manchester City is not easy for every team. I consider City in this moment the best team in the world. They have the best coach in the world, fantastic players, they are working for many years together. To play against City, to get points against City, is not simple. For United, for Tottenham, for Liverpool, for Chelsea, for every team. I think I consider this a game apart.

“In the first half United played also a good game, because they played high intensity, they tried to put pressure on Manchester City, but it wasn’t enough because Manchester Then then in the second half they played very well.

“It was very difficult for Manchester United to continue to press high, to give pressure, to keep the same intensity of the first half. Then City exploited the characteristics of their players and they got three points.

“But I listened to what Pep said, ‘it was maybe the best game that we played’, when he was in City. He said this, that it was the best level that City reached with him in this game. It means that City played an outstanding game and United tried to do their best. But City for sure, I repeat, is a team that to play them is not simple.”