Two Manchester United legends slam Cristiano Ronaldo for being disrespectful

Photo: Getty images

Cristiano Ronaldo has been hailed for his man of the match performance against Tottenham, as his hat-trick helped United beat Tottenham 3-2.

However, club legends Gary Neville and Roy Keane have recently reacted to some of the antics of Ronaldo, claiming that he has been very disrespectful to his mates.

“It’s how the players react as well,” said Neville on Sky Sports.

“I think the worst thing about a player being left out and not accepting that decision, the thing I always used to think in the dressing room, is that it’s completely disrespectful to the players who’ve been left out the previous week and they’ve come in.

“You might have been playing a lot and all of a sudden, you’ve been left out. What about the lads who’ve been sat on the bench for the next four weeks and the guy who might have come in to take your place, he’s watched you. That’s disrespectful, that’s the bit I don’t like about it.”

Roy Keane also sided with Gary Neville, claiming that Ronaldo must learn to draw the line.

“He did it against Brentford,” said Keane.

“The manager’s obviously looking at the bigger picture of it, there’s a game coming up, and Ronaldo was upset, which is fine, but 20 minutes later, he was still upset.

“I don’t mind you being upset but the lad who’s come on… Calm down, keep the head, be upset but draw the line somewhere.

“At some stage, you cross that line where you really are disrespecting your teammates. That’s when the real trouble starts.”