Gary Pallister reveals the only natural leader in Manchester United. It’s not Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United legend Gary Pallister has hailed Harry Maguire as the only natural leader in the Manchester United dressing room.

Pallister said: “There’s no getting away from the fact he’s not in the best of form.

“I thought he had a decent game against Tottenham. The own goal came at a bad time but that happens to the very best, that’s just a fluke.

“People say he hasn’t done this or that, but I think he’s been the natural leader for United over the last few seasons.

“I think he’s been pretty good in a United shirt up until this season. I think he’ll come back to his very best and in the future I think he and [Raphael] Varane will be the partnership at the back.

“There’s factors to why he’s had a dip in form but ultimately Harry has been pretty good and he’s the only one who seems to be the natural leader in the dressing room.

“That seems to be a big problem for United. I played with four, five captains in the teams I played in and I don’t see too many natural leaders with that character and when things are tough in games, those characters can lead you through moments in matches and right now we haven’t got them kind of leaders on the pitch.”

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