‘One has a soul, the other is an alien without emotions’ – Ex West Ham star reveals who he prefers between Ronaldo and Messi

Former West Ham star Paolo Di Canio has slammed PSG star Lionel Messi for having no emotions claiming that he prefers Cristiano Ronaldo who often shows his emotions.

Ronaldo hasn’t hidden his emotions since making a high profile return to Old Trafford. He has often been criticised for complaining on the pitch or even sulking in front of his manager.

Nevertheless, Canio believes Ronaldo is being real for showing his emotional side.

Di Canio’s statement comes after Lionel Messi was booed by his own fans in their league game against Bordeaux, after PSG were knocked out in the Champions League second round.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, Di Canio said: “Messi left the pitch scratching his head, he has no emotions. I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo. ‘Do you want me to sit on the bench against Man City?’”

He added: “I go back to Portugal, then I return and score a hat-trick. I prefer the human who has a soul to the alien without emotions.”