Manchester United star reveals how the players feel after losing to Atletico Madrid

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United have not won a trophy since May 2017 and the team’s only chance of winning a trophy this season was dashed, after losing to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League round of 16.

Manchester United have crashed out of the Champions League after losing 2-1 on aggregate to Atletico.

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea said it was ‘difficult to put into words’ how the team felt in the dressing room, as he admitted that everyone felt very sad.

“We are really disappointed with the result,” he told BT Sport.

“It’s difficult to put into words how we feel now at the moment.

“We did not enough in both games to win it. It’s a very disappointing day for us. They are a team with a lot of experience. They know how to play those Champions League games.

“They scored a goal, they are a tough team so it was hard for us to create chances. We are out of one of the most important competitions, and we feel sad.

“WE tried until the end but it wasn’t enough ….. We have to keep fighting but this is a tough moment, I feel sad.”