“We are glad you didn’t buy Manchester United” – Fan sends message to billionaire

Former Chelsea owner Ken Bates had claimed Roman Abramovich considered buying Manchester United before opting to buy rivals Chelsea.

A Manchester United fan, Kartis John Waka, is excited the Russian billionaire didn’t buy Manchester United as it would have been the Red Devils under sanctions today.

Chelsea have been placed under sanctions after Abramovich’s assets were freezed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Waka wrote on our Facebook page: “And we are glad he [Roman Abramovich] didn’t or else we would have been the ones being sanctioned.”

Meanwhile, Bates claimed Abramovich didn’t buy Manchester United due to the atmosphere at Old Trafford.

Bates told BBC Radio Five Live: “He went to Old Trafford, liked the game but did not like the atmosphere. He did a survey of all 20 Premiership clubs and settled on a London club.

“We didn’t have any ground problems, and we finished fourth last season so we had a good platform from which to improve.”

While we are happy Mr. Abramovich didn’t buy Manchester United, claiming Old Trafford had no atmosphere is a joke. We all know how poor the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge is.