Gary Neville insists Manchester United star has been harshly judged due to his price tag

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville insists Manchester United midfielder Fred has been harshly judged due to his price tag.

“I though Fred was outstanding against Atletico Madrid and probably no-one says it enough actually. The problem with Fred is he was £60million,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“The problem has never been, to be fair, Fred’s commitment, his levels of performance. I know people are critical of him, but he does what he does very well.

“Every club at the top of the league has a Fred – but they don’t ordinarily pay £60m for the player! And I think that’s the problem, that you expect more when you pay that level of money. But I think he’s been very good this last 12-18 months, even two or three years to be fair.

“And one thing always is that whoever the manager has been while Fred’s been there, they’ve always picked him.

“So [critics] can continue to keep saying Fred shouldn’t be a Manchester United player, but everyone keeps picking him because obviously he’s a good trainer and a good lad.

“Fred isn’t the problem at Manchester United. He’s one of the ones that’s been very consistent in his performance levels I think.”