Gary Neville reveals the Manchester United player that causes problems when he doesn’t play

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has claimed Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t take it well when he doesn’t play.

The Portugal international reportedly travelled to Portugal after learning he won’t start the 4-1 defeat to Manchester City.

Neville said: “If he wants to play in a different way and can accept that he will have a great goalscorer in the team who is basically someone who has basically been the greatest goalscorer of all time then yes there will be a position for him.

“But I think it would have to be a Ronaldo that would accept that he wouldn’t play every single week and there would be moments that he wouldn’t play and I think that’s the big thing.

“He doesn’t seem to take that too well, which is a good thing, he’s obviously driven and wants to play every single match.”