Maguire told to hand captain armband to this Man Utd player

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire, has been told to hand over the armband to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Explaining why Maguire should hand the captain armband to Ronaldo, ex-Manchester City defender Micah Richards told Daily Mail: ““Harry Maguire needs help in his role as Manchester United captain. This may sound like I’m joining the flood of criticism, but that is absolutely not the case.

“Questioning whether the armband could, in the short term, be passed to Cristiano Ronaldo is no reflection on Harry’s ability or character.”

He added: “The situation, in my eyes, came to a head, on Tuesday against Atletico Madrid. I was in the studio, working for CBS, and when I heard some fans inside Old Trafford cheering as Harry was brought off, my heart sank.

“I’ve been in that position — some Aston Villa fans booed my name when it was read out at Villa Park once — and the feeling is like no other.”