Fans would want him out within weeks – Robbie Fowler warns Manchester United against hiring this manager

Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler has slammed Gary Neville’s suggestion that Manchester United should hire Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone.

Neville suggested after Manchester United’s Champions League exit that Simeone should be Manchester United’s next manager.

However, Fowler has labelled the suggestion ‘laughable’ and says Simeone would be hounded out of Manchester United ‘within weeks’.

“I laughed this week when I heard Gary Neville shouting that his former club should make Diego Simeone their next manager,” Fowler wrote in a column for the Daily Mirror.

“Honestly, come on! I’m not saying he’s anti-football, but some of the antics his team get up to, some of the horrible stuff they do, and the tactics they pursue. Not at Manchester United.

“The fans would be calling it out within weeks, and even if he actually won things with it, they wouldn’t put up with it for long.

“United have a certain expectation about how they should be playing, which was laid down by Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson. Simeone doesn’t fit with that.

“He doesn’t fit with anyone who loves football, he essentially exists to stop opponents playing football. Which no one should welcome. And that’s what I mean by identity.

“It’s not enough to be simply winning – even if it helps, obviously. Jose Mourinho found that out at Old Trafford. Clubs need a fit with a manager, as well as a winning team, and his philosophy didn’t fit.”