Manchester United must pay record-breaking fee to demolish and rebuild Old Trafford

Photo: Alex Morton/Getty Images

Manchester United have been told a plan to demolish and rebuild Old Trafford will cost up to £1.5billion.

The cost of a new 80,000-capacity Old Trafford stadium is expected to exceed Tottenham’s £1.1billion state-of-the-art home, which will make the new Old Trafford the most expensive stadium in the country.

Another option presented to Manchester United is the £400million expansion of the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand, which will increase the capacity of the stadium to 80,000.

The third and final option for the club is to leave the stadium structurally intact but conduct a comprehensive revamp of spectator and corporate areas on all four sides of the ground.

According to Daily Mail, the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand revamp currently appeals most to the club’s owners the Glazer family and as such it is the more likely option. It would also be the most acceptable to fans.

Meanwhile, Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes the club would be better building a brand new state of the art stadium opposed to undertaking work on Old Trafford.

Speaking on his Instagram page this week, Neville said: “I think by the time that they have spent money on Old Trafford, the existing one, then I think you would be better off building a brand new, better, super stadium.

“I do think that Manchester United should always be at the forefront of stadiums, have the best facilities and they have fallen behind.”