“He’s not a brilliant man-manager” – Manchester United fans told what to expect from Erik ten Hag

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Dutch journalist and Ajax fan Karan Tejwani has told Manchester United fans what to expect from new Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag.

“I spoke to a lot of players to learn more about him and they all said similar things, that he’s very meticulous, very detailed with his tactical work, he’s not a brilliant man-manager, he’s a bit more conservative in that regard, but he can promote his message across the squad,” Tejwani told Manchester Evening News.

“He’s tactically brilliant, which we’ve seen in his Ajax teams in the last few years, he’s had to make two different Ajax teams and he’s been successful with both of them.

“Looking at it from a media perspective, he doesn’t come across as very open, he doesn’t give away much in the media, and I suspect that won’t change in England, he’ll be facing more pressure.

“In the initial weeks, I expect him to be quite reserved, keeping things to himself rather than being too open.”

“The main difference between United and Ajax is that Ajax now have a proper footballing structure where every transfer is discussed at length, the scouting process is very detailed,” Tejwani added.

“If a player is signed in the summer a lot of the information about him will be known in the previous December or January, they will know this is the player they want to go for.

“There’s a lot of planning to make those signings successful. That has to happen at United for him to have a good transfer record.”

“I think it will go quite well, but it could take a while to get to the point where it starts coming good, it could get worse before it gets better,” he continued.

“It will take time, a lot of it will be determined by how United perform in the transfer window. As long as he’s supported well enough, this has to be the right appointment, he needs support from the top.

“If he gets that I expect him to do very well, he’s one of the brightest managers in the game, there’s no doubt about that.”

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