After his brutal sack by Manchester United, Jose Mourinho reveals his wish for Manchester United under Erik ten Hag

Former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has revealed he hopes that Manchester United return to the club’s best under Erik ten Hag, despite the way his time at a club came to an end.

Manchester United officially unveiled Ten Hag as the club’s new manager on Monday following a disappointing season for the Red Devils.

According to Mourinho, he hopes that the mentality and organisation of the club will finally change in order for Ten Hag to be a success.

“Of course my English connection is Chelsea, that’s the way I’m seen, as a Chelsea man. Two periods at Chelsea, six years,” Mourinho told BT Sport.

“But Man United, the fans are special. There is lots of good people inside the club, it’s not like I’m happy to be right.

“I’m not happy to be right, I’ll like to be wrong. But I knew that I was right. The first thing you have to change when things are not going right is the mentality and the organisation. And it was not coming.

“I knew that for me to leave was not going to resolve the situation. I knew that, unfortunately. I wish them the best, honestly, I wish them the best and hopefully they make it.”