I’ll use Manchester United as an example – Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold fires dig at Manchester United

Photo: Getty images

Trent Alexander-Arnold has fired a complacency dig at Manchester United as he challenges Liverpool to learn from mistakes made by the Red Devils.

He said: “Growing up, I remember looking at Manchester United and thinking what it would be like to be going for league titles every year and Champions League trophies every year.

“To be able to do that now and be involved in it is something we can’t take for granted. I’ll use Manchester United as an example again. Now, they’re probably thinking; ‘We shouldn’t have taken that sustained period of success for granted, because now it seems like we’re far away from it’.”

Alexander-Arnold continued: “For us fans and players, we can’t get complacent and just get used to it. We have to really still enjoy it and keep our expectations where they need to be.

“We’ve got to enjoy the game for as long as we can, because it won’t last forever. Sadly, at some point, everyone’s going to leave the club and it’ll be a lot different. Who knows when that will be?

“Football clubs change and evolve and managers can bring new players in. So, we’ve got to enjoy it as much as we can right now.”