“He’s greedy” – Manchester United fans slam player for describing £300,000-a-week offer from Manchester United as nothing

Manchester United fans
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Manchester United fans have described Paul Pogba as ‘removed from reality’ and a ‘greedy overrated egomaniac’ after the 29 year old midfielder described a £300,000-a-week contract offer from Manchester United as nothing.

‘The Pogmentary’, which will be released on Amazon Prime on Friday, provides insight into the life and career of the French midfielder.

The documentary revealed Manchester United twice offered Pogba new deals in excess of the existing £290,000-a-week terms.

However, he was unhappy Manchester United offered him a £300,000-a-week contract, describing the offer as nothing.

“They’re bluffing,” Pogba said in a conversation with his late agent Mino Raiola while on holiday last summer. “How can you tell a player you absolutely want him and offer him nothing? Never seen that.”

Paul Pogba

Manchester United fans were stunned at Pogba’s arrogant reaction to United’s eye-watering contract offer, which he believed to be derisory.  

“How is £300,000 a week nothing?” one fan said. “People like Lewandowski don’t even collect that much. It is so annoying how greedy football players have become.”

“Documentaries like these are complete propaganda pieces and still Pogba manages to come off bad,” another fan added. “It almost reflects his career in a way: the style attempting to overcome the lack of substance, yet failing.”

A third tweeted: “That’s why every real United fan is glad to see the back of the greedy overrated egomaniac.”

“Absolutely despise Pogba!” a fourth fan said. “Some families can’t even make 300k a week and yet he moans about it, absolute joke! Glad to see him leave the club!”

“Honestly insane that the bloke released this and thought it would make him look good, especially in a time when so many kids in this country are going to bed hungry,” another fab angrily echoed. “He’s a fing c and I wish him nothing but misery for the rest of his career.”

“You were getting a £3m ‘loyalty’ bonus every year for doing absolutely nothing ya big numpty,” one fan said. “You were paid plenty.”

“The audacity to call 300k a week ‘nothing’, while he only had a handful of good performances just shows how far removed from reality he actually is,” another fan added.

Having left Manchester United as a teenager in 2012, Pogba returned to the club for a record £89.3 million in the summer of 2016. 

He leaves Manchester United this summer as a free agent with his relationship with United fans damaged beyond repair.

His documentary has only worsened the already poor relationship he had with Manchester United fans.

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