Erik ten Hag isn’t worried about this position in the Manchester United team

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Former Manchester United goalkeeper Raimond van der Gouw believes one position Erik ten Hag won’t worry about is the goalkeeper.

Ten Hag is set to carry out a rebuild of the Manchester United team this summer after the Red Devils struggled to impress last season.

Several players are expected to leave with new signings expected at the club.

Despite Manchester United’s struggles last season, Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea had a good season and Van der Gouw believes he’s the only player certain about his position in the team ahead of next season.

“It’s very important to have a goalkeeper like that – it’s one less thing for him to have to worry about,” says the Dutchman as per The Mirror.

Manchester United finished a distant 24 points behind Premier League champions Manchester City last season and Van der Gouw has revealed what he expects from Manchester United under Ten Hag next season.

“What can we expect at the club next season? That’s a very easy question that’s very hard to answer,” says van der Gouw, who has recently left his job as goalkeeping coach at PSV Eindhoven. “I don’t know what went on last season but my first hope is that there will be a team on the pitch.

“Not just 11 players. We need to see a team that wants to work for each other and wants to work hard. They also need to show energy and enjoyment

“I cannot imagine that the players who play for Manchester United don’t want to be there. There must be something going on, there’s always a reason why something like this happens.

“There doesn’t seem to be a connection with this group of players, there’s clearly something wrong. You don’t get a result like we saw on the last day of the season (a 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace ) if everything is going well and everyone is happy.

“It’s a massive challenge for the new man. It’s not that he can’t do it, but you have other clubs who are in a much better position that Manchester United.

“You have Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal suddenly look like they’re capable of challenging again, Chelsea have new owners, Spurs, Newcastle are coming up with big money. It will be a very hard job for Erik but it’s a nice challenge, a good challenge.”

“Everyone loves a manager who brings a winning team on the pitch,” says van der Gouw. “I think Erik will do a good job. He’ll try and change it around and I think you’ll see a different Manchester United next season.

“Ajax have a very good team and very good players. They play like a team. He won a lot of trophies there and did very well in Europe. No-one expected Ajax to play a role in the Champions League but look at what they did In the Champions League.

“They got to the semi-final (in 2019) and very nearly went all the way to the final. He changed everything around at Ajax, the players looked like they wanted to play for him.”

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  1. As much as David De Gea feels that there’s no goalkeeper within his club to challenge him, there’s need for Manchester United to buy a new goalkeeper to challenge him as there’ll be a lot of games to play and he’ll be tired to try and man the post all alone and what about in case of injury. The problem why big clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Chelsea struggle when their dependable no. 1 goalminder is off form or injured is this overdependence syndrome

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