Gary Neville criticise the Glazer family for planning to £11million out of Manchester United this Friday

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville has criticised the Glazer Family over their decision to take £11million out of the club in dividends this Friday.

Neville is unhappy the Glazer family are taking dividends when Manchester United’s debt have risen to nearly £500m in the club’s latest financial accounts.

Manchester United’s finances are unlikely to improve any time soon either after the Red Devils failed to qualify for next season’s lucrative Champions League.

Neville believes it’s wrong for the Glazer family to be taking money out of Manchester United with investments needed in the team, the stadium and training ground.

Neville tweeted: “The Glazer Family should NOT be taking £11m in dividends this Friday.

“It isn’t right with the investment needed in the team,stadium and training ground.

“The clubs cash position is low compared to previous years. An announcement is needed to halt it for the next 3 years minimum.”

How fans reacted to Neville’s tweet:

@chriswg1975 tweeted: “Maybe you do something about it, you could surely put a consortium together or speak to some very wealthy people and buy them out. Until they get an offer they can’t turn down they are staying.”

@keslerSZN tweeted: “They own the club and have pumped in billions and they aren’t even allowed to take out £11m.”

@jkjohnk63 tweeted: “Why is it always the Glazer’s who get all the stick they have always supported the manager and given them the money to buy the players they want the board should stop paying crazy money for players who are not up to playing for United and spend some of that money on improvements.”

@DavidH_26 tweeted: “The only owners to take dividends from their club in the premier league. Shouldn’t be taking any money at all let alone halt it for three years. If anything they should be expected to pay back all the money they’ve taken out of this club.”

@birtydave tweeted: “Gary, United’s net spend on players under the Glazers is well over a billion pounds. What on earth are you talking about? They own the club, of course they are entitled to take a dividend out. I thought you were a businessman?”

@commando42 tweeted: “Why can’t they do both? They heavily invest in the squad. Over 1 billion in the last 10 years. They always provide a substantial transfer fund to the manager.”

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