I get homesick when I’m not at Manchester – Manchester United star reveals

David de Gea
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Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has opened up on the challenges he faced when he first joined Manchester United.

De Gea joined Manchester United from Spanish side Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2011 for €20million.

He joined Manchester United as a 20 year old and has since gone on to make 487 appearances for the club.

Now 31, De Gea has explained how difficult it was adapting to life in England.

“I was 19-20 [when I moved to Manchester] and I came with my mum and dad so my English was really bad at the beginning,” De Gea told United Daily. “It was very tough for me.

“Everything was different to when I was in Spain – different people and better players here so it was tough at the beginning.

“Step by step I was learning my English, talking more with the players and now that I am here it is like my home.”

De Gea has now adapted to life at Manchester and he now misses the city when he visits Madrid for holidays.

“It is like my proper home now,” he added.

“Even when I am in Madrid for holidays or something, I am missing my house and people here. It is great to be here and to be a part of the history of this club is amazing and it is a privilege to be here.”

De Gea has that the spotlight as a Manchester United player is something he’s had to learn to deal with.

“When you’re famous – like an actor or footballer – and they know you nearly everywhere, you have to live with this,” said De Gea.

“At the beginning, it’s a bit tough and a bit strange. You lose a bit of your privacy but that’s life.

“You have to deal with that and that means you are doing very well. That’s great as well.”

De Gea also described how the pressure of being Manchester United’s no.1 goalkeeper makes him feel ‘alive’.

He added: “You make one very good season then people want you to be even better than the one before, so the pressure is there and that’s probably a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.

“But that makes you feel alive and makes you try to improve yourself.”

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