Zidane finally reveals why he can never be Manchester United manager

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Zinedine Zidane has explained why he turned down the chance to take up the Manchester United job when managerial vacancies have opened up at Old Trafford.

According to Zidane, his inability to speak English fluently is the reason why he never considered the Manchester United job.

Zidane has been out of work since leaving Real Madrid in the summer of 2021.

Zidane told L’Equipe: “Never say never. Especially when you’re a coach nowadays.

“When I was a player, I could choose almost every club. As a coach, there aren’t 50 clubs I can go to. There are two or three possibilities.

“If I go back to a club, it’s to win. I say this in all modesty. That’s why I can’t go anywhere.

“For other reasons, too, I might not be able to go everywhere. Which ones? The language, for example. Certain conditions make things more difficult.

“When people say to me: ‘Do you want to go to Manchester?’ I understand English but I don’t fully master it.

“I know that there are coaches who go to clubs without speaking the language, but I work differently. To win, many elements come into play. It’s a global context. Me, I know what I need to win.”

Pressed on whether he could take charge of France, Zidane said: “I’m not finished with Les Bleus.

“I want to do it, of course. I will be [France coach], I hope, one day. When? That’s not up to me.

“I want to come full circle with the French national team. I met this French team as a player, and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me!

“It is the peak. So, since I went through that and now I am a coach, the French team is firmly anchored in my head.

“Succeed [Didier] Deschamps? I don’t know. If it has to be done, it will be done, at that time or not.

“When I say I want to take charge of the French national team one day, I’m assuming.

“Currently, a team has been created. With their goals, but if the opportunity comes later, I will be there. Again, it’s not up to me. My deepest desire is there. The French national team is the most beautiful thing there is.”

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