“Haven’t had a proper pre-season since 2019” – Man Utd star reveals he is well-rested for new season

Marcus Rashford Manchester United
Photo: Getty images

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has revealed he’s well rested ahead of the new season.

Rashford also revealed this summer is the first time since 2019 that he’s having a proper pre-season.

Marcus Rashford told Manchester United official website: “I have definitely not had that much rest before in a summer break.

“So it was a little bit strange at first and I had to adjust my program a little bit, make it a little bit longer, so I could come in with a positive look on everything, and like I say we are excited to go away [on tour] now.

“You feel every day now you are getting that one step sharper and one step fitter to being ready for the season.

“I don’t think I have had a proper pre-season since 2019 so for me it is definitely a positive thing.

“I feel like I probably needed that time to switch off a little bit and me having that time enabled me to refocus a lot earlier than I expected to be honest.

“It [the break] was just a few days over four weeks and I always split it in half, so I had two weeks when I was just relaxing and a little over two weeks when I was training so it’s been a good period for me.  

“Like I say, I feel ready and focused so when that first game does come it’s good to know you have done almost six weeks of training beforehand. It will definitely be a positive.”