Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp sends strong warning to Manchester United after 4-0 thrashing

Erik ten Hag Jurgen Klopp Manchester United Liverpool

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has sent a strong warning to Manchester United and the rest of the Premier League just days after his team lost 4-0 to Manchester United in a pre-season game in Thailand.

Klopp has warned Manchester United and the rest of the Premier League that teams would find it difficult preparing to face Liverpool next season because they have so many attacking options.

“We had two, three or four years where it was always clear before the pre-season that we would start up front with Sadio [Mané], Bobby [Firmino] and Mo [Salah],” Klopp said.

“Now the door is open for pretty much everybody. That is what we have to use.”

“That will make us completely difficult to analyse before the game,” said Klopp, whose squad have travelled to Singapore before Friday’s game with Crystal Palace.

“It would be a massive difference whether it is him or him playing the position in the game. That is now really different. That is what I like about it. It will be really interesting.

“That is really cool. That is what we have to use. Not to put boys under pressure and tell them, ‘You have to do this.’ We have enough games that they all will play, but it is about how can we really bring ourselves, all of us, in the situation that we make the extra yard [step]?

“Because that would bring an amount of joy that is pretty much not imaginable and that is what I am really looking forward to.”