Manchester United star backed to win Ballon d’Or after fine pre-season form

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Manchester United forward Anthony Martial has impressed for the Red Devils during pre-season with fans even suggesting the forward can go on to win the Ballon d’Or under Erik ten Hag.

Martial has scored three goals for Manchester United in just three appearances for the Red Devils.

How Manchester United fans reacted to Martial’s fine form on Redcafe:

Highfather_24: “He will finally activate that Ballon d’Or clause. On a serious note, he really is the glue that is bringing our attack together right now. Brilliant hold up and link up play, a very complete CF performance. Sancho, Bruno and Rashford won’t be playing as good with Ronaldo up front.”

bosnian_red: “I don’t think it takes some miracle work to get Martial going again. He was class in 19/20, and since then he’s had a ton of trouble with injuries. He lost some form which happens to everyone, Cavani stepped in, lost some confidence and then the injury problems started. Then we signed Ronaldo and it was pointless for him to stay. Its not that long ago that he had an excellent season. Finally has a full pre season, and he’s finally in a functional, attacking system. Its the perfect situation for him to actually hit, and he’s doing just that.”

Jeppers7: “He’s just a really good footballer. He needs an arm around his shoulder and to be told how great he is from time to time, to feel important. Erik ten Hag system will suit him and Sancho to a tee. Love watching him when he’s on it. Fabulous player.”

Shimo: “Long may it continue. In a front three that is fast and fluid, he is a touch of class for sure. Saw this type of form with him when along with Rashford, Greenwood and Bruno during Project Restart they were all playing rather well. ETH already said it but, will be down to how much he wants it and that will have to be seen in the games where he and/or team are not playing well. How much he continues to fight/make runs and just play with a smile so to speak.”

peridigm: “Not jumping back on the train yet but he’s looked a hell of a lot better in this pre-season than he did in his past two seasons. I expect he’s done enough to make ETH want to keep him. It’s a shame Greenwood is an idiot. I’d like to have seen what he can do under ETH as well.”

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