Newcastle United manager admits he hates playing against this Manchester United star

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Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has revealed he will like Cristiano Ronaldo to leave the Premier League as he doesn’t enjoy playing against the Manchester United star.

Howe said in a recent interview: “Cristiano Ronaldo?

“I hope he leaves the Premier League, Cristiano scores a lot of goals and I’d rather not play against him.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is keen on leaving Manchester United so he can play Champions League football and Howe is hoping the 37 year old leaves the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Paul Merson has urged Manchester United to get rid of Cristiano Ronaldo sooner rather than later amid the player’s desire to leave Old Trafford.

Merson told Daily Star: “Manchester United have got to draw the line and get rid of Cristiano Ronaldo. The saga has to end sooner rather than later.

“He’s told you what he wants, so why hang onto him? The lad won’t be sitting at home doing nothing but he hasn’t played any football and is now 37. Every footballer will tell you that to get fit you’ve got to play football matches, that’s why they have pre-season friendlies.”

Merson added: “Their striker is 37, that’s not very good recruitment. You’re also appointing a manager in Erik ten Hag for a long-term plan, you’re not just bringing him in for a year or two.

“So for him to have a plan, surely you’ve got to get started straight away. Ronaldo is not going to be there next season whatever happens. Even if he is, he’s another year older.

“This game now is getting quicker and quicker, so for me, United need a new centre-forward in the transfer market.”