“I know everyone is expecting so much from me, it’s time for me to repay that”

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has vowed to justify his new Manchester United contract.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Bruno Fernandes said: “When I arrived the club was being criticised and the results were not the best, so when I came in but not because of me, the team started getting better results.

“Last season, as a team it was not successful so individually it’s difficult to be successful. I was trying in the same way to improve the team, but obviously, it was a difficult season for everyone. It was tough to be successful individually.

“The results were not there. As soon as the team is doing well and getting good results, that will make me happy and make my game be much better. I know everyone is expecting so much from me because my first season.

“Last season I only scored 10 goals and 14 assists. I know I can do much better than that. I’m happy for what I’ve been doing at the club and the new contract shows the club respects me and trusts me, and it’s time for me to repay that.”

Bruno Fernandes put pen to paper on a new five-year Manchester United contract back in March.