“He’s as bad as Pogba” – Graeme Souness slams Manchester United star

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Graeme Souness has slammed Manchester United forward Anthony Martial, claiming he does not have the right mentality to play for the Red Devils.

“Erik ten Hag had a good career at Ajax but managing at Ajax and managing at United are world’s apart,” Souness told talkSPORT.

“Ajax have always been a top team in Holland and always will be. If they don’t win the league they finish second.

“Coming to Man United, at a very difficult point in their history, is a difficult task. He needs time but time isn’t your friend as a manager.

“You’re looking to make an immediate impact but how do you do that? Unless you’ve got a special group of players coming through then you need to buy players.

“But they’ve not really recruited any game-changers. So now the manager is relying on players already there and you look at someone like Anthony Martial.

“How many opportunities is that young man going to get to be a Manchester United player? He’s proven already to me he’s not for Man United.

“He can’t deal with the pressure of playing at Man United. It’s like Paul Pogba. In both of them I see real players, I see quality that few players possess.

“But it’s on their terms and they pick and choose when they use it. When you play for a big club you cannot be like that.

“When you are at a big club you play in a cup final every week. These players are not up for that, they’re not up for the fight.

“It’s no good being a great player in training or being a great player once every six or seven games. You’re at a big club because you want to win things and want to be challenging all the time.

“With these players, you won’t. In basic terms, they are dodgy, they are not people you can rely on, end of.

“I don’t think you can rely on Martial anymore, not that you ever could. He’s been far too hit or miss.”