“I would be shocked if Manchester United beat Brentford”

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Paul Merson has claimed he would be shocked if Manchester United beat Brentford on Sunday.

“Brentford pulled off a great comeback last week. Manchester United were Manchester United, weren’t they? They’re no different from last season, and I don’t see them winning this game,” Merson told Sportskeeda.

“One’s a team, and the other one isn’t. Man United are exactly the same as they were last season.

“They don’t have an identity. You see Premier League teams go out with a plan, move the ball, and work through the lines. With Manchester United, if it happens, it’ll happen – it hasn’t been worked on.

“I’m not sure if Cristiano Ronaldo will start this game. If he’s not staying, why would you start him? It depends on what’s going on behind the scenes. They need to move on sooner rather than later.

“A week and a half ago, he walked out of the ground because he wasn’t playing. To say that his behaviour is unacceptable and then to have him play in the first Premier League game of the season is no big statement by the manager.

“Manchester United are all over the place at the moment, and I’d be shocked if they pulled off a victory here. I don’t see Brentford losing this match, and a draw is a fairly likely outcome.”