“Only these 3 Man United players always give their best. The rest are emotionless” – Wayne Rooney claims

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has claimed only three Manchester United players always try to give their best for the club. According to Rooney, the rest of the players are emotionless.

Rooney said: “Erik ten Hag was right to call players out and speak about hunger, and it was fair enough for him to get them in for extra training, where he asked them to run the same distance that Brentford outran them by.

“Ten Hag will have done a lot of soul-searching this week and will be making a lot of demands to get a reaction out of his players, I’m sure.

“But with this group, this has been happening for so long that changing their ways is going to take something drastic. They’re emotionless — there is no character, no heart in the team.

“I’m not talking about every player. Harry Maguire will always try, Fred will always try and Scott McTominay may not be Paul Scholes or Michael Carrick but he will always go out and show some balls.

“Those three have been trying to lift the group, but it comes down to individuals to take responsibility.

“As for Marcus, I think he needs to do a lot of soul-searching and figure out what he wants, for his own good, before anything else.

“Because watching him is a real concern, he looks like he wants to be anywhere but on a football pitch.

“Watching United, I see players throwing their arms up and shouting at team-mates but I don’t see them talking, or looking at themselves before blaming others.

“I see them making eye-catching runs to close down the goalkeeper but not 50-yard runs back to stop an attack.’

“I see them going up to the crowd after the game apologising or coming out on social media with all the guff: ‘We go again’. The fans see through that.

“My message would be: stop apologising, just get on with your job — and work. That’s all the fans want. They want to see them taking responsibility in the 90 minutes.”

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