Goal or no goal? Verdict finally given on Ronaldo’s disallowed goal against Newcastle

Photo: Getty images

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Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo was booked after having a goal disallowed in a bizarre moment during Manchester United’s draw against Newcastle.

Replays show the ball was kicked to Newcastle goalkeeper Nick Pope by Fabian Schar before Ronaldo pinched it and put it in the net.

TalkSPORT’s Micky Gray and Sam Matterface think Newcastle got away with one.

Former Premier League player Gray said on commentary for talkSPORT: “That ball is in play. Ronaldo’s sharp, he’s bright, he makes a move as soon as Nick Pope’s in contact with this ball.”

Matterface added: “That free-kick was taken. That free-kick was taken by somebody else. Ronaldo’s telling Fabian Schar and said ‘You touched that back to Nick Pope.’ And he did!”

Former Arsenal player Perry Groves said: “Just looking at Craig Pawson, it looks like he’s got his arm up to say when Nick Pope can take it. But looking at him I don’t think he’s got a grip of what’s going on.

“It’s a very difficult one because they [the Newcastle players] will all say they’ve not taken the free-kick.”

Matterface responded: “I think that’s quite generous to Newcastle United. It’s sloppy play from Nick Pope and Fabian Schar, who I think had already taken the free-kick.”