‘De Gea can play out of the back’ – Former Man United goalkeeper reveals why De Gea doesn’t play out of the back at Man United

Photo: Getty images

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Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has claimed that De Gea was more than capable of playing out from the back when required.

He claimed that the Spaniard needed to be supported by his defenders when he has the ball at his feet and is looking to start an attack.

“He’s definitely got the ability to pick passes out and be calm, for sure, but United need to find a way of playing where when the ball goes back to him everyone needs to spread out and look for the ball,” Foster told Metro.

“There’s a difference between actually showing that you want the ball and being available for the ball. A lot of defenders will kind of act like they want it but you can tell they don’t actually want it.

“In moments of games, De Gea will sense some players don’t want it so he will just kick it long. You’ll then get people saying ‘oh he should have kept it there’ but it’s not that simple.”