‘He’s playing for Man Utd, he’s not in League Two!’ – Saha blasts Man United star

Louis Saha Manchester United

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Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha has blasted midfielder Fred following his performance in the goalless draw against Newcastle on Sunday.

“Every player has to do more in the Manchester United side, not just Fred,” Saha told Boyle Sports.

“But if Roy Keane was playing today and was a part of this team, he would be shouting, even if you’re playing well. If anyone believes they shouldn’t approve, they shouldn’t be in a Premier League team.

“Fred has been criticised again because there are two roles, balance the team where you have to be solid, but you have to help your teammates up front.

“There are times when Fred has the opportunity to pass the ball forwards but he takes one or two touches too much.

“Those things can be noticed and that’s a problem. Fred is playing for Manchester United, he’s not in League Two, and everyone will have an opinion on his performances.”

With United the lowest scorers in the top nine, Saha has called for the rest of the side to start contributing.

“It’s strange because there is a forward way of thinking in the team, how to help the wingers, how to create more chances and create a better balance in the team,” Saha said.

“At the same time, I’ve always felt the forwards needed more goals to come from the midfield and defence, which would really help. This is a problem, you see Fred’s chance, I’m not blaming him, but that’s part of being a good team when strikers are asked to defend while midfielders and defenders are asked to contribute to goals.

“I’m not going to ask De Gea to score goals but there is a complementary aspect to the game where defenders need to do more in set pieces, like in the Vidic times. Same in the midfield, I’m not asking for 10-15 goals. When times are difficult, everyone should try and take opportunities.”