‘It’s not enough’ – Ian Wright reveals where Man United are failing under Erik ten Hag

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright believes that Manchester United still aren’t creating enough meaningful chances to win games.

“Up to this point in the season I think they’ve only had 42 shots on target, something like that. It’s not enough for Manchester United,” Wright said on The Kelly and Wrighty Show.

“At the same time, it’s slowly coming because they are creating chances. That will come with the confidence of what you’re seeing day to day in training.

“Things are starting to happen, and you can see a little bit of it on the pitch. You can see they’re still trying to get there.

“When you’re trying something but don’t get the outcome as it happens you start to think I don’t want to try that anymore. You’re a little bit apprehensive about doing it rather than just trying it.

“That’s what United have to do they have to break through something. There’s still a lot of sideways passing not enough movement up front to come to the ball so you can pass through lines.”