Pogba’s agent reveals why France international struggled at Manchester United

Paul Pogba Manchester United

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Paul Pogba’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta, has revealed why the France struggled at Manchester United.

She told The Telegraph: “Did Paul fail Manchester United or did Manchester United fail Paul? Or did they fail each other? These are good questions.

“When Paul went there he won the Europa League [in 2017]. Paul was playing all the time for Manchester United when he was not injured.

“He did not choose to be injured. But he played when he was not injured.

“Now I think Manchester United is going through a transitional phase.

“And this transition phase, because there was such an important presence in the club before, that was built around him, when you miss that figure then a club needs time to restructure itself.

“So Manchester United is going through a restructuring phase and I think Paul was part of that phase.

“They are still going through it and they will make it, I have no doubt but Paul was in the middle of it.

“I think when things don’t happen it’s best to take joint responsibility when there is joint responsibility. You have to acknowledge it.

“But I don’t think Paul is to blame for things not going as we would have liked them to have gone.”

Pogba returned to United from Juve for a club-record £89million in 2016, before heading back to Turin for nothing after last season.

She added: “Paul made a choice of the heart, at the time. He really wanted to go back to United.

“The happiness he felt going back was like home. So I am sure it was the right choice.

“Now were there expectations for more trophies and more achievements? Yes, there was. But they didn’t come.”