Dion Dublin predicts Manchester United’s final Premier League position

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Dion Dublin doesn’t believe Manchester United will finish in the top four this season.

Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea currently occupy the top four positions in the Premier League and Dublin expects Liverpool, who are currently eighth, to finish in the top four.

“I would still say that Liverpool will find their way to the top four,” Dublin told the Daily Express. “They’ll go on a run of games very, very soon.

“They’ll win four, five, six, seven in a row, or they won’t lose in seven or eight in a row, and they’ll find themselves picking up, you know, the odd 20 points here, 25 points there.

“They’re so good [and] they’ve got so many good players that they will find their way back.

“It’s so tough to call the top four because I expect Liverpool to be there. I mean, you’re looking at teams like Chelsea. At the moment, they’re looking good.

“Graham Potter has got them playing relaxed football, and they’re all smiling while they’re playing, which is very rare for a Chelsea team. They’re all enjoying their football, and it’s making a huge difference to their results as well.

“So you know, Manchester City, obviously, Liverpool, it’s going to take a massive task for them to get back to where they need to be, but they’ve got everything they need.

“Chelsea have turned a corner [and] Arsenal are top of the tree. Antonio Conte and Totteham, I mean, I could go on. Outside [of the current top-four] as well… Brighton are playing some good stuff.

“I’m glad it’s so open, to be honest with you. I’m glad there are teams in and around the top 10 that you probably wouldn’t expect to be there, and I’m glad because it just makes it a little bit more interesting.”

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    let us prove dion Dublin wrong

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