‘He’s the glue in the team and allows other players to perform’ – Ferdinand hails Man United star after performance against Tottenham

Photo: Getty images

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Rio Ferdinand has hailed Manchester United midfielder Casemiro following his midfield performance in Manchester United’s 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday night.

“I saw control,” Ferdinand told Vibe with Five. “That’s one of the best things. We saw in the first half we had 19 shots and I’m sitting there thinking we’ve done everything but score.

“We were controlled and Casemiro, the moment he’s got in the team and got a run in the team, he’s produced performances that we expected.

“The biggest thing is he’s the glue in the team and he’s allowing other players to go and perform. He protects the back four but he releases the midfielders to go and do their creative stuff.

“He’s a fabulous acquisition. I don’t know what the manager was waiting for. He’s someone who looks like he likes a winning team and continuing with personnel. I thought Casemiro positionally today was immense.”

Ferdinand added: “Fred does what Fred does. At times he gives the ball away here and there.

“That’s what Casemiro brings, he makes other players better and I think that he could be just what Fred needed.

“He’s that someone to give him that little bit of discipline, to talk them trough a game as in when you run out and use your energy or when you stay and remain in good shape. I think that’s what Fred lacked.

“He never lacked worth ethic or desire just sometimes it gets the better of him and leaves the team wide open.”