‘That is how the manager wants to play’ – Shearer reveals the real reason why Ronaldo was benched against Tottenham

Photo: BBC

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Alan Shearer believes Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag made the decision to leave Cristiano Ronaldo out of his starting line-up against Tottenham Hotspur because of his troubles in pressing.

“I don’t think you will ever get the truth out of a manager, in terms of what he is actually feeling, because he is going to get the questions whether he likes them or not,” Shearer told Amazon Prime.

“That is because of who Ronaldo is and what he is; he is an absolute superstar.

“He has been one of, if not the best player we have ever seen, which means that will continue to happen. But before time catches up with him… he’s 38 next year, so logic tells you he cannot keep doing for so many years.

“He can’t press in the way that the manager wants him to press. If he puts him on the pitch [from the bench], yes, he will score goals, but you also have to understand the fact that he is not going to be the guy, at that age, who is going to be pressing every single minute of the game. That is how the manager wants to play.”