‘Tottenham are playing really poor football’ – Ferdinand explains why he prefers Ten Hag to Conte

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Rio Ferdinand doesn’t agree with Patrice Evra after the Frenchman said he would rather have Antonio Conte than Erik ten Hag as Manchester United manager.

“I really wish [Conte] was the United manager, but now we have Ten Hag,” former United man Evra said. “Arsenal fans need to worry, because Antonio is in the house.”

Ferdinand sees things differently and told his YouTube channel: “You wouldn’t say that right now.

“Antonio Conte is a great manager, he’s got some great, strong traits that I really admire.

“He’s a winner, he dictates, he’s massive on discipline, he’s fiery, he’s passionate, he’s a man about details.

“But right now, if you look at the two teams and who’s playing the better football, Spurs for me at the moment are playing really poor football.

“Especially against the big teams. I watched them against Arsenal at the Emirates. They just camped in their own box for most the game. They looked dangerous on the counter, that was it.

“[Against United] they got outplayed in big parts of the game if not all of the game and didn’t look like scoring, really. They don’t look like a team that have any confidence.

“If you were to give Ten Hag a mark out of 10 for the season so far, he would probably come out with… I don’t know about a better number [than Conte] but I think the trajectory looks better for Ten Hag.”