‘Man United didn’t buy him to be a defender, he was bought to destroy teams’ – Rio Ferdinand baffled by struggling Man United star

Rio Ferdinand Manchester United

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Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand is baffled by Jadon Sancho’s struggles at Manchester United.

“His confidence just isn’t there. The confidence and the swagger when he walked through the doors at Old Trafford isn’t there right now,” Ferdinand said on the Vibe with Five show.

“I don’t know what it is. I’m trying to put my finger on it because the team is actually getting him into good positions.

“The ball gets to him and the Sancho I know and have seen… get him on the corner of the box and you’re in dreamland.

“But then he’s just coming back out and playing back and recycling the ball. This isn’t you man.

“I don’t know what it is and Antony has been the same in some games. A lot of the times he comes back, doesn’t go on the outside or cross the ball. He’s exciting but he’s still passing the ball back a lot.

“With Sancho I just feel that it’s in there and what I will give him credit for is his defensive work. His shape has been good but it’s the other side of the game that’s missing and that’s why we bought him.

“We didn’t buy him to be a defender, we bought him to destroy teams, I want to see more from him and Anthony in that area.”