‘Unnecessary nonsense’ – Former Premier League manager tells Man United star to grow up

Photo: Getty images

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Former Premier League manager Ian Holloway has slammed Manchester United star Antony for showboating during Thursday’s 3-0 victory over FC Sheriff.

“Was it relevant? Was it needed?” the former Blackpool and Crystal Palace boss asked on Sky Sports.

“He will be getting a flea in his ear. To the other players it’s disrespectful. I don’t even know what he’s thinking, unnecessary nonsense.

“Practice that off the pitch, on the training ground but when you go out there you’ve got to be realistic.

“He gave the ball away two seconds later, kicked it straight out so come on. He’s had a great start. I don’t know him, obviously his manager does know him and he won’t put up with that and neither will the other players.

“It’s disrespectful and it’s silly. Grow up a bit.”