‘I have been in this situation’ – Liverpool legend tells Man United star to leave Man United

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Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler says he can relate to Cristiano Ronaldo and his problems at Manchester United and has urged the 37 year old forward to leave Manchester United.

“I have been in this situation where I believed, without being egotistical, I was the best striker but for whatever reason, managers pick a team without you in it,” said Fowler in The Mirror.

“As a player, it is hard to get your head around that you aren’t the first player being picked for the team. But what do you do?

“You go out there and perform at training and do everything you need to do, but it doesn’t really matter, managers still might have certain players that they want to play and it’s hard to accept that.

“That’s why I left Liverpool for Leeds. I felt for me and my game, as much as I love Liverpool, I needed to play football.”

He added: “It is quite clear that Ronaldo doesn’t fit into that plan, so the best concern for all parties is if he goes. The simple answer I can give you. He is a great player but if he wants to play close to 90 minutes then he has got to go.”