‘They have won everything’ – Lisandro Martinez feels privileged to have played with these two players

Photo: Getty images

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Manchester United centre-back Lisandro Martinez has admitted he feels privileged to have played with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Martinez plays alongside Ronaldo at Manchester United and Messi with the Argentina national team.

Martinez told ESPN: “I feel privileged, it is an honour to share with them. You learn, you absorb.

“They have won everything, they want more, an admirable mentality and you give your best in every workout.

“From the first day, Cristiano treated me well. He is very friendly, he has a very nice charisma, bringing smiles, making people laugh.

“He is very professional, he arrives early, he is the last to leave and he takes care of himself at meals. It all highlights why he has had such an impressive career.”