Man United boss Ten Hag reacts after Pep Guardiola said Man United can challenge for title this season

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola claimed last week that Manchester United are finally back and can challenge for the title under Erik ten Hag.

Ten Hag responded to Guardiola’s comments following Manchester United’s 1-0 victory over West Ham on Sunday.

Ten Hag said: “It’s a nice compliment. But I also see a lot of room for improvement in our game and we have to if we want to compete for the top four positions, we have to improve.

“For instance, the first-half we have to dominate more on the ball, to bring ourselves in better positions between the lines.

“Second-half, definitely, we were quite poor in possession, there was a lot of space on the pitch, we give away the ball too easily, many wrong decisions, we go direct for goal instead of keeping the ball.”

He added: “You have to outplay them when you get so much space, you have to make that second goal and then games are much easier. But it’s a skill for a team to protect your box, and survive an opponent who will come and go for an equaliser, definitely, that is a skill.

“There are some positives still but a lot of negatives in our game. We analyse that and have to work on that.”