‘People mocked him. How stupid do they look now?’ – Man United star hailed as the best in the world. It’s not Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo: Getty images

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Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez put in another impressive performance in the 1-0 victory over West Ham on Sunday.

The Argentine international has played every game for Manchester United in the Premier League and he is already a fans’ favourite.

Fans on social media were very impressed with Martinez’s performance. He’s definitely living up to his ‘Butcher of Argentina’ moniker.

One person said: “I don’t even need to talk about Lisandro Martinez, by now everyone should know he’s the best defender in the world.”

Another put: “So funny how they don’t talk about Lisandro Martinez again. He’s completely shut them up with back-to-back solid performances that have become normal.”

A third tweeted: “People mocked him for his height. How stupid do they look now?”

While someone added: “Anyone still think Lisandro Martinez is still too short to play centre-back in the Premier League? No? Good.”