‘He has speed, quality and technique’ – Ten Hag told Manchester United player will become best player in the world

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has told Erik ten Hag that Marcus Rashford will become one of the “best players in the world”.

Speaking to Betfair, Evra said: “In recent years some people have been disappointed with Rashford’s performances, and we were hearing more about him off the pitch than on it.

“He did some great things off the pitch. What was missing was him performing on the pitch, and I’m really pleased that he admitted that. Now, he has a different mindset. I think he’s solved his issues and is really enjoying his football under Erik ten Hag.

“The potential for greatness was always there with Rashford. Every player would like to have his speed, quality and technique. He’s got everything. He needs to mature and that’s why I think he needs to focus on football. If he does that he will achieve great things.

“I’m not surprised he’s scored 100 goals for the club. He’s going to be one of the best players in the world, for sure. But you have to give him time. There’s been a lot of frustration around him because we know what he’s capable of.

“When we think back to when he started under Louis Van Gaal, you could see the passion there, and the way he would celebrate with his friends. Later, we had a Rashford who looked preoccupied, and as soon as you do that and make one mistake, people kill you and say you’re a bad player.

“Finally, he’s found the right balance, and I can see that he’s happy. He’s smiling, he’s screaming when he scores goals.”