Casemiro finally explains his goal celebration against Chelsea

Photo: Getty images

Casemiro has finally explained his goal celebration in Manchester United’s 1-1 draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

He told Manchester United’s official website: “I honestly don’t really know how to explain what I was feeling at the time and how I celebrated that goal.

“Really! I’ve watched it back a few times because it was a celebration that I wasn’t expecting, mainly down to how the game had been going.

“A game in which we’d played well. And I think perhaps we deserved a little bit more out of the game as a whole, but, when the goal went in, well I just celebrated like… well, that’s it, I didn’t quite know how to greet that goal because I was so happy.

“And the key was that we managed to get the draw, and of course, whenever you’re helping the team, that’s the main thing.”