Wayne Rooney slams Roy Keane for defending Cristiano Ronaldo

Former Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has backed Erik ten Hag’s management of Cristiano Ronaldo and has hit out at Roy Keane for defending Ronaldo’s poor attitude this season.

Asked about Ronaldo’s behaviour, and whether United are a better team with him in the side, Rooney told talkSPORT on Friday: “No, I don’t think so.

“I think the career he’s had, him and Lionel Messi are probably the two best players of all time – and you can go either way with that [which one of them is the greatest], whichever way you decide.

“But I just think the things he’s done from the start of the season really are not acceptable for Manchester United.

“Obviously I’ve seen Roy Keane defend him. Roy wouldn’t have accepted that. Roy wouldn’t have accepted that at all.

“So it’s a distraction that Manchester United don’t need at the minute, they’re trying to rebuild.

“And for Cristiano, just put your head down and work and be ready to play when the manager needs you.

“If he does that, I think he’ll be an asset. If he doesn’t, I think it will become an unwanted distraction.”