Manchester United star not happy with World Cup

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has blasted FIFA for the decision to stage the World Cup in Qatar in mid-season.

“Of course it’s strange,” said Fernandes, who will represent Portugal. “It’s not exactly the time we want to be playing in the World Cup.

“For fans and players, kids will be in school and people will be working. The timing will not be the best for the people to watch games.

“We know the surroundings around the tournament, what has been [said] in the past few weeks and months about the people who have died building the stadiums. We are not happy about that at all.

“We want football to be for everyone. Everyone has to be included because it’s the World Cup.

“These kind of things should not happen at any time, but for a World Cup, which is a party for fans, players and something that is a joy, should be done in a better way.”

Christian Eriksen added: “I totally agree with Bruno. A lot has been written about the World Cup and why it is in Qatar. I think everyone agrees it hasn’t been done in the right way.

“We’re footballers though and those political decisions are taken above us. Of course, we say our thing to get focus on it, but the change has to come from elsewhere.”