Jamie Carragher names three Manchester United legends that will still defend Cristiano Ronaldo

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has claimed Manchester United legends Roy Keane, Rio Ferdiannd and Patrice Evra will still defend Cristiano Ronaldo despite his recent interview with Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo sparked controversy by claiming he felt ‘betrayed’ by United and revealed he had ‘no respect’ for manager Erik ten Hag in his unauthorised sit-down with Morgan. 

Carragher tweeted: “Ronaldo ‘I don’t respect the manager’ Ronaldo under ETH: Announced he wanted to leave, refused to come on as a substitute, walked off the bench and left before the game had finished.

“99% of United fans will be on the side of ETH, which shows how badly Ronaldo has handled this.

“The 1% will be Rio, Roy and Patrice.”