Gary Neville slams Cristiano Ronaldo for ruining this moment

Gary Neville has criticised Cristiano Ronaldo for overshadowing Alejandro Garnacho’s breakthrough moment in a Manchester United shirt.

Garnacho came off the bench to score a late winner for Manchester United in the 2-1 victory over Fulham.

Hours later, Piers Morgan teased Ronaldo’s bombshell interview in which he slated his current manager Erik ten Hag and the decline United have suffered since Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down as manager.

Neville told Sky Sports: CThat young boy scored that goal at Fulham on Sunday and it wasn’t a similar goal to the one Cristiano scored all those years ago at Fulham but it was in the same area of the pitch and it felt like quite a significant moment in a young players’ career, as that goal was to Cristiano that day.

“I would probably have rung up Piers Morgan and told him to pull it back to tomorrow, let’s let the young kid have his night tonight. Let’s let the young kid have his headlines.

“I did think that to be fair and would have been wise. Personally I still think like a player used to and if I’m in a dressing room with a group of people where there were definitely fights at the time with the management or the club, we always had each other’s backs internally and we always looked after internally and made sure we stuck together.

“On Sunday night his teammate has just scored a last minute winner, the young boy had just scored a hero goal in a great moment.

“It would have been better for Cristiano to put back his announcement to Monday night off the back of that.”