Portugal star reveals how Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview affected the Portugal national team ahead of the World Cup

Photo: Getty images

Portugal star Ruben Neves insists the Cristiano Ronaldo interview has not caused any controversy in the Portugal camp ahead of the World Cup.

A week before the start of the World Cup, Ronaldo claimed an interview with Piers Morgan that he was betrayed by Manchester United and he didn’t respect Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag.

“There is no controversy inside the changing room,” Neves said.

“So it is impossible for us to fear any impact around that controversy as there is no controversy inside the changing room.

“This controversy exists in the media, not in the changing room. It has been all said. We are 100% focused on our World Cup campaign.

“We have a spectacular environment in the national team. That is our focus.”

Neves added: “From what I have been seeing in training, he [Ronaldo] is in spectacular form. Therefore, this is is not an issue that concerns us at all. 

“We are totally aware that we have to perform as a team in order to get the most of each individual. Cristiano is no different. If we play well, Cristiano will be phenomenal.”