‘He can score goals, assist and defend’ – Man United transfer target can be a better player than Paul Scholes

Photo: Getty images

Former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson believes Manchester United transfer target Jude Bellingham has what it takes to surpass Manchester United legend Paul Scholes.

“Everyone loves having a young player like Jude Bellingham in the team. He’s extremely difficult to take care of for the opponents,” Eriksson told Midnite.

“He reminds me of Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes because they had that gift as well. It’s difficult to mark him.

“Who knows, maybe Jude can become better than Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes, but if he can be as good as them then he’ll be a very happy man.”

“He’s brilliant already, but he’ll get better and better with age. He has everything. He can score goals, assist and he can defend. He’s a very complete footballer.

“I think very soon he will be playing for one of the top clubs in England. It’s dangerous to put too much pressure on Bellingham but I really like him because he’s a very elegant player and he can do everything.”